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"The New Frontier" collection is a unique set of 4 different digital sneaker designs combined with physical sneaker pairs. Each digital sneaker will be sold as an NFT and can be later redeemed. By redeeming, the owner will get a new physical sneaker pair while still keeping an NFT. The collection is made out of 555 NFTs with 4 different rarities and many utilities.

Redeeming Event:

  • It takes place about two to four weeks after the Public Mint event.
  • To redeem a physical sneaker pair, a person must have at least 1 Future Kicks "The New Frontier" collection NFT in their wallet.
  • After redeeming a physical pair, your NFT will no longer have the possibility to redeem another physical pair. 
  • Before buying "The New Frontier" collection NFT on secondary market, make sure to check if the NFT has already been redeemed on our redeeming website (coming soon).