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Our family is made up of seven energetic and dynamic young people, who have joined forces to create something fresh and intriguing. We're all from Tallinn, Estonia's capital and home to the Wokecustoms studio. There were only two of us at the start of the project, but as the concept got clearer, the team grew, and we are now proud of the group we have.

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Mr. worldWide

Juhan L.

Founder of Wokecustoms, has been working on sneakers for the last 4 years. Collaborated with major brands such as Asos, Converse, Bolt, locally - Sportland, Marat and many others. Workaholic, loves to spend time working from morning to til late night, built his own sneaker model, enjoys all ball sports especially table tennis and volleyball, loves snowboarding and designing apparel.
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the guy she tells you not to worry about

Hugo V.

3 years of experience as a software developer in various projects. Innovator and assertive person, who is passionate about DeFi, finance, management, and investing. Constantly analyzes every aspect of the project, manages technology, and keeps the books straight.
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The Salesman 1

Brandon U.

Marketing, sustainability, community - 7 years of experience in business development and project management, skilled in copywriting and investment analysis. Strong background in sales, holding records in different prestigious Estonian sales agencies and currently working with one of the most high potential early-stage startup companies in the Nordics.
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The Salesman 2

Karl V.

The NFT enthusiast and constantly setting our priorities straight. Started professional career as digital services sales consultant at Estonia’s top 2 telecommunications company Elisa. Currently paving the way for one of the largest ID verification firms Veriff. Helping to develop the business and raise the brand's overall presence.
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The Developer with a rear-wheel drive

Sander A.

7 years of work experience in the IT field, with various international and national projects. Crypto enthusiast and miner since 2013.
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VFX Wizard

Egert K.

“Are these sneakers real?” The go to visual effects guy. A creator with 6-7 years of visual effects experience, who has collaborated with films, celebrities and tons of brands, has done everything by learning and educating himself. Helped us create all the artwork and materials for this project. Loves to experiment and constantly seeking for new ways to improve.
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Suns out Guns Out

Pärtel P.

Discord management. Currently employed as an accountant, with a focus on personal development and progress, as well as involvement in NFT and crypto projects. Loves going out, playing basketball, working out and producing music.
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Sander the Ape

Sander the Ape is a proud father and tech nerd in pursuit of automation, longevity and networks. He's also the founder and CEO for WOF Labs, a blockchain research and engineering company that's building Supplain protocol & World of Freight NFT ecosystem. He is the living embodiment of community building & public relations. Other than that, he's a big picture guy who enjoys disassembling complex ideas while being an avid business analyser that doesn't take bullshit.