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"The New Frontier"

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Welcome to Future Kicks, the brand new Web3 project by Estonian custom sneaker studio Wokecustoms.

Whenever Wokecustoms founder Juhan Loorits and his team were not delivering fresh designs to the thriving custom sneaker market, they were watching the Web3 space grow with incredible pace.

Now, Wokecustoms welcomes sneakerheads worldwide to join them in exploring the awesome potential of metaverse shoe customisation.
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"The New Frontier" collection consists of 555 digital sneaker NFTs spread across 4 designs + 4 rarities featuring an ever-expanding range of real and virtual utilities combined with a physical sneaker pairs.

Each digital sneaker will be sold as an NFT and can be later redeemed. By redeeming, the owner will get a new physical sneaker pair while still keeping an NFT.

"The New Frontier" collection


As we voyage into the virtual space, we want to bring awesome people with us that can help each other grow as a team. We want to bring the artists with us, to create new possibilities, designs and models that will shake up the digital realm.

Our team is always on the lookout for talented artists who wish to join our movement – reach out to us and see how we can collaborate [now].
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With Future Kicks, we bring Wokecustoms’ years of experience in sneaker customisation to the thrilling new frontier of the metaverse.